Afghan royal hash


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Where to buy afghan royal hash, Afghan Royal  Hash is created from a genus of marijuana plant known as Indica.

Using water or tea, Afghan royal hash the flowers are pressed by hand until they become very elastic and begin emitting an extremely

potent smell. Super Afghan Hash, or hashish, is an extracted product composed of compressed or purified

preparations of stalked resin glands, called trichomes, from the cannabis plant. It contains the same active

ingredients as marijuana with a THC content of 41.7%

Where to buy afghan royal hash

Pressed Hash, like kief, is a concentrated form of cannabis made from the trichomes of the plant. “Pressed” refers

to the method in which the hash is made, by taking the concentrated trichomes and resinous material and

pressing them together, often with heat. The result is a hard and rigid substance that can be broken into chunks.

The purity and potency of a hash is defined by the amount of plant material that has been filtered out during its

creation. The purest hashes will bubble when heated.

There are a few ways to use this product:

– Crumble up & sprinkle into a joint

– Smoke out of a pipe/bong/hookah

– Smoke using a one-hitter

Where to buy afghan royal hash, Afghani Hash is produced practically everywhere in and around Afghanistan. Afghan royal hash, The plants which are used for Royal

Afghani Hash production are very small and bushy Indicas. In Afghanistan Hashish is pressed by hand after the

addition of a small quantity of tea or water. Good qualities of Afghani are signed with the stem of the producing


Hash is an art and it is one of the longest standing cannabis tradition on our planet.

The Hash Man brings nothing

but real hashish, using traditional methods, Afghan royal hash promising a true and unique experience each time.


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